We are everything we set out to develop

We provide whole, plant-based and clean label products for human food and animal nutrition.


Expertise in oats and other cereals, special flours, pulses, baby food , proteins and vegetable drinks.

We are driven by the purpose of doing good, producing healthy food.

Connected with us are rural producers, customers, financial institutions, suppliers and partners who are part of building our legacy, and more than hundreds of collaborators who mark our journey.

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Innovation starts from the ingredient

From farm to table, all technology for healthy, indulgent and sustainable products

Doing good by producing healthy food

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Selection of the best cereals and grains for the production of healthy and nutritious food.

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Supply Chain

Efficient and sustainable supply chain, which ranges from the transportation of grains to the delivery of finished products.

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Production processes and warehouse with cutting-edge technology and strict quality control.

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Research, Development
and Innovation

Innovative solutions and process and product improvement in partnership with customers.

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A company concerned with the impacts it wants to generate in the world.


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